Monday, August 27, 2012

So Exhausted..

I had my second daughter on August 8th, and let me tell you.. I'm exhausted! I knew that I was going to be tired while we figured out a schedule and got things settled into a family of four, rather than a family of three. Not to mention the night time feedings and L getting up around 6.30 every morning. She's up earlier on weekends and wants to crawl into our bed and sleep for a little while too. I don't mind, but R is already in there, as is my husband and I. We have a queen sized bed that I thought was a decent size.. until the kids started sleeping with us. Yeah. Z and I spend our time teetering on the edges of the bed.

I don't know how Z can stay up until 11 or later each night and get up at 4am for work. Yeah, he's tired, but for the most part, he's not really that grumpy. Me, on the other hand? I'm a huge grump! My patience is wearing thin, I go from content to snap-show in a matter of seconds, and no matter what, I can never seem to get adequate sleep. I have thought about taking naps during the day, but L is getting into a phase where she wants to get into everything and be sneaky and do bad things. If I fall asleep, who knows what she's going to get into!

I spend a lot of my days sitting here. I figure if I'm just sitting around, not doing a whole lot, I won't use up the little bit of energy I actually have to make it to the end of the day (which I usually fail in anyway). But the problem with that is my house is suffering.. Like really suffering. We spent a fair bit of time cleaning and organizing before R was born, but now.. you wouldn't even know it! I feel bad just letting the place go to waste, but I really just don't have the energy to do anything about it. I shouldn't be trying to do too much, since it hasn't even been 3 weeks since the surgery, but still. I feel well enough 99% of the time, and feel like I'm just wasting time. If only there weren't so many damn toys, and so much damn stuff.

I guess I'll figure it out eventually..

Friday, July 20, 2012


I was going to turn this blog into a private journal, but decided not to. Well, it was private for a while, but I changed it back. The reason I did so, is because I like blogging/writing, and I have no where to get my thoughts out if I close down this place. I knew from the get go that there would be no theme to this blog, as it is just a "day in the life.." sort of blog. Nothing of any particular direction or theme. Just me and my life.

I have gone through the blog and deleted old entries that I didn't want on here anymore. Sort of a "revamping", if you will. Anything that's health related, I will move to my new/reopened blog My Solace in Health, which you are welcome to check out. I will still be keeping all my everyday life, family life and spiritual life stuff on this blog, but all the main health stuff will be over there.

So yeah.. This blog is more like a journal than a blog. It's mostly for me, with the added benefit of allowing people a peek into my (not very adventurous) life, haha.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Rut

I have finally given up and accepted that I'm in a food rut right now. It's not even so much that I don't know what to eat, it's more the fact that my stomach hasn't been nice to me (making it hard to eat anything) and feeding an increasingly picky toddler. I've really felt nauseous towards the thought of most vegetables, so I've been compensating with a lot of fruit. It also doesn't help that I'm the only one doing any of the meal planning, so any ideas for meals are coming from me alone.

L has decided that she only likes super plain foods now - plain breads, plain noodles, raw vegetables (though she does use ranch dressing as a dip), etc. She won't even try the cooked vegetables, unless it's French fries. It makes meal time even more frustrating than it was before. My biggest concern is that she won't eat anything from the "meats and alternatives" section of the Canada's Food Guide, which means she's losing out on important nutrients like iron (she gets plenty of protein from the foods from the "dairy" section). I can sometimes get her to eat nuts or nut butters, but even that is becoming more of a challenge.

Plus it seems like we are eating the same things over and over again. I don't care much for cooking, especially lately with all the body pains and stuff, so as little time spent in the kitchen would be ideal (with as few dishes used as possible).

Any vegetarian tips for a struggling mother?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Itchy Itchy

I don't recall another time in my life when I've wanted to get fit more than right now. Maybe it's because of the bed rest, or maybe it's because I'm just sick and tired of being overweight and sore and lethargic all the time. I have been doing so much reading on health related things that I just don't even really know how to organize everything. And to top it all off, I can't do any of these things until at least 6-8 weeks after I give birth (c-sections require longer healing times, obviously).

I have been slowly working at my dietary habits. Despite my lack of energy and this insane heat we've been hit with in the last couple weeks, I've really been making an effort to make more suppers at home, rather than always wanting to just pick something up because it's easier and I don't have to get all gross and sweaty while cooking.

Yesterday, my husband called me such a "good little housewife". He even made a joke about how I was barefoot, pregnant and doing the dishes. I couldn't help but laugh while I rolled my eyes. I made a huge batch of steel cut oats to freeze (I have three muffin pans in the freezer full), a large batch of quinoa to freeze (only used one muffin pan for that one), homemade fish cakes for supper, and cupcakes. The cupcakes were actually the least delicious thing. I'll never use those recipes again :/

How could something so delicious looking, end up tasting not as good as you were hoping? The cupcakes were very bland and dry. Of course, the dry part could have been because of my oven..

I normally like sweet things, but this frosting was like pure diabetes in a bite. At least they look cute xD It was really humid yesterday and I didn't think until after I started icing them, to put the frosting in the fridge for a while. They were supposed to be delicious mountains of icing, but we got puddles instead.

As of today, I have decided to start keeping a good journal again. My goal right now is to eat all of my recommended servings of foods a day (plus a couple extra because I need the extra calories right now). Once I get that pretty well set, my goal will then be to make all those foods as healthy as possible. I am not going to worry about calories and all that stuff until after the baby is born, so long as I am eating a healthy array of foods.

I even found a really great bed rest workout that I started today. Some of them felt really great to do, others were uncomfortable. I added in some hip/thigh stretches because I find they are my most stiff area and it makes even walking difficult. What I did was simply stand with feet 3-4 feet apart, and then drop one hip to the side, while the other raises up a bit. My feet were flat and facing forward. I could have bent my knee to deepen the stretch, similar to this yoga pose:

..but I didn't want to overdo it. I then repeated on the other side. I then stretched my pelvis out backward by lifting my tailbone to the ceiling and letting the front of my pelvis and belly drop downwards a bit. The stretch felt nice on my abdomen although my back wasn't sure it liked it. I then did the opposite, dropping and tucking my tailbone, while lifting the front of my pelvis. This one felt better on my back. It kind of reminded me of a standing version of cat/cow yoga poses.

I already feel tons better, just from doing those few exercises. I am going to try and do them everyday to see if they help me feel less like an invalid, and more like a person again.